Where is Ahmed Masood? Important announcement of Afghanistan Resistance Front

Moscow: The Afghanistan Resistance Front has denied that Ahmed Massoud has left the country.

Foreign News Agency quoted sources as saying that the rumors of Ahmad Shah Massoud leaving Afghanistan for Turkey or any other place are false, Ahmed Masood has not left the country and he is still in the country, the resistance leaders are in a safe place and he It is in touch with Panjshir Valley.

In an audio message sent to the media on September 6, Masood, who led the resistance movement in the Panjshir Valley, called for a national uprising against the Taliban.

In his message, Masood said, “Wherever you are, inside or outside, I urge you to launch a national uprising for the honor, freedom and prosperity of our country.” Rejecting the claim, he said the movement would fight to the last to save a population of about 1.75 lakh.

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Some media reports quoted sources as saying that the Taliban have taken control of 70% of the main streets and corridors of Panjshir.

It should be noted that Panjshir is the only province that is beyond the full reach of the Taliban. Earlier, in a statement posted on Facebook, Ahmed Masood had said that he was ready to stop fighting and start talks if the Taliban Withdraw your forces from Panjshir and Andarab. If the Taliban stop military operations and movements in Panjshir and Andarab, we are ready to stop fighting immediately to achieve lasting peace.

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