When will educational activities resume? Important announcement for students

Riyadh – The Saudi government has announced that 70% of the kingdom’s total population will be fully vaccinated against the crown and then resume primary and pre-school activities.

According to Arab media reports, the Saudi Ministry of Education says that 70% of the kingdom’s total population will have completed primary education and nursery school when they have received both doses of the corona vaccine.

The ministry said those who receive doses of the corona vaccine would attend regular middle and high schools.

Ibtisam al-Shehri, a spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Education, said that if 70% of the population had not received both doses of the vaccine by October 30, 2021, early childhood and primary education would start on a regular basis. The mission is now complete, educational activities will resume first.

Saudi Arabia Issues Important Directive

On the other hand, the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health says that students must receive the first dose of the corona vaccine before August 8 so that the second dose can be administered before the start of the new school year.

The ministry said the move was necessary to protect Saudi society from new coronavirus problems and to prevent an epidemic, with vaccines now available in all centers in the kingdom.

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