When this superstar's Bollywood career was ruined, he got a job in a nightclub, made a comeback after ten years and then his luck changed.

This Bollywood star who caused a stir with his first film. With the acting skills inherited from his father, this actor had achieved a good position through his hard work. There was a time when this actor's name was famous in Bollywood. Every director wanted to cast this actor in their films.

Yes, this actor, who won the Best Male Debut award for his first film, has appeared in many of the best Bollywood films. Apart from acting, people also loved his style. This famous actor of the 90s began to conquer everyone's hearts. Everything was going well, but then the time came when the shine of this star became a little weaker. His films flopped one after another and his career trajectory began to decline rapidly.

He suddenly stopped getting work and then gradually disappeared from the film industry. During this time, he also worked as a DJ in a nightclub in Delhi. His decline continued for a long time and the actor didn't get a single film for ten years.

But they say: whoever falls gets up. Finally the day has come when he gets the golden opportunity to make a comeback in the film industry. This opportunity was given by none other than superstar Salman Khan, who is called the 'God Father' of the industry. Salman gave him work in his film. This was followed by his web series in which he once again caused a stir in the role of Baba Nirala. Now you must have realized that this is Bobby Deol. Bobby experienced many ups and downs in his career but didn't give up.

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