When this superstar was about to forcefully kiss Bhagyashree! The actress’s condition had worsened due to fear

 When this superstar was about to forcefully kiss Bhagyashree!  The actress's condition had worsened due to fear

Bhagyashree made her debut opposite Salman Khan in the 1989 film Maine Pyar Kiya. After this movie, Bhagyashree gained a lot of popularity and became a star overnight. People liked Salman and Bhagyashree’s sizzling chemistry in the film. Bhagyashree had given an interview to Deccan Chronicle years ago, in which she said that Salman Khan is a superstar not only on camera but also off camera. In fact, after the success of the movie ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’, both had to do a photo session together. During this, the photographer asked Salman to kiss Bhagyashree, which the actor refused.

Speaking about this incident, Bhagyashree said, “He was a famous photographer, he is no more. He wanted to take some sensational photos of me and Salman. So he took Salman aside and said when I set up the camera, you will kiss them on lips. But, Salman flatly refused.” Bhagyashree further said that she was nervous after hearing the photographer. Bhagyashree said: “We were all new at the time, so the photographer thought he would do whatever he wanted. I don’t think he or Salman knew I was standing nearby and would hear everything. I was surprised to hear from him.”

However, after this, Bhagyashree was shocked to hear Salman’s response. Salman told the photographer that he would do no such thing. And even if he wants that pose, he will have to ask Bhagyashree’s permission first. Hearing these words from Salman, Bhagyashree came to life. The actress said that after listening to Salman, she realized that she is working with the right people.

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