Mukesh Khanna Amitabh Bachchan Story: Shaktimaan… Shaktimaan… Shaktimaan… Hearing this line, many people must have reached their childhood. Everyone would know about our child superhero Shaktimaan i.e. Mukesh Khanna. As soon as Mukesh Khanna’s name is taken, Shaktimaan’s very gaze comes to the fore. Mukesh Khanna is a well known television celebrity. But today we are going to tell you the life story of Mukesh Khanna who is related to Amitabh Bachchan.

Actually, Mukesh Khanna has also worked in many movies apart from Shaktimaan. Slowly, Mukesh Khanna also started to become very famous in the cinema. During this, he received offers for many movies and also received many advertisements. Speaking of this anecdote, Mukesh Khanna himself had told in an interview that when he met Amitabh ji. At that time he had only done 10-15 films and at most he did one or two commercials. In an advertisement, he descends from the ladder. Many girls also come around him. In this ad, he is wearing a boot-suit.

Referring to this later, Mukesh Khanna had said that only then did a person come up to him and say that when his ad was running. So at that time everyone was watching the movie, at that time Amitabh Bachchan had seen it and said that ‘Sala… yes it copies’. He said I was stunned to hear this. Mukesh further says that he asked the person again if you were talking, he said yes…

Mukesh Khanna further said that when this came out, it was written in the interview that he ‘copies Amitabh Bachchan’. At the same time after this about 4 of his movies failed and his career started to come to an end. The actor said that people used to say that he copied Amitabh, that’s why his career didn’t work out. The actor had also said that he does not copy anyone, he is as he is.



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