When the prince went to Sadhana’s house for dinner, but why didn’t he put his hand out to eat?

When Rajkumar went to dinner at Asha Parekh’s house: Bollywood superstar Rajkumar ruled millions of hearts with his powerful performance and brilliant dialogue delivery. Even today people copy his style. Rajkumar made his Bollywood debut in the year 1952 with the film ‘Rangeli’, after which he never looked back. There are many famous stories related to him. It was said of the prince that he was the king of his mind. At the same time, there is an interesting anecdote related to him. In fact, once Waheeda Rehman and Sadhana called him in for dinner, but he didn’t even eat there.

Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan, while talking about Rajkumar during an interview, said that during the filming of the movie ‘Ulfat Ki Nai Manzil’, Sadhna and Waheeda Rehman asked Rajkumar to invite him to their house for dinner. He went to Waheeda’s house but didn’t eat anything there. There the dining table was fully set, Waheeda and Sadhna were there. Dinner had started. But when Sadhna asked Rajkumar to eat, the prince first refused to eat and started saying ‘you eat’.

Salim Khan further said: ‘Waheeda and Sadhana again asked him to eat but Rajkumar again refused. In such a situation, Sadhna and Waheeda Rehman told them, they must be eating, right? Hearing this from both actresses, Rajkumar said in his style: ‘We eat food, but that doesn’t mean we eat anything and everywhere.’

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