When the newly married couple got stuck in a traffic jam, what did the groom, bride and baratis do?

A newlywed couple in Turkey was going back with a party after their wedding and got stuck in a traffic jam on the way, but the boring moments were made memorable by the new couple.

Traffic jams can happen anytime anywhere, if one is stuck in it for hours, then one suffers from severe depression and if one is going from an important work, in this situation, sometimes those stuck in traffic queues get depression like condition. .

According to foreign media, a barat in Turkey recently left after the departure of the bride, so it got stuck in a traffic jam on a busy highway of the city, but the new couple also made the boring moments memorable in which the baratians also participated with full support. gave

After getting stuck in a traffic jam, the newlywed couple got out of the car and started dancing on the street. Their Dekha Dekha Baraati also came out of their respective vehicles and joined the dance with the bride and groom which also relieved the boredom of other people stuck in the traffic jam.

The viewers were delighted to see the happy and joyous dance of Baratis with the bride and groom and many made videos of it and made it viral on social media.

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