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When the middle-aged fan began to adopt Madhuri’s house, the actress herself narrated the story.

Madhuri Dixit is one of the popular actresses of the 90’s. Still her stardom has not diminished. These days, Madhuri Dixit is making a lot of headlines for her digital debut. Madhuri will soon be seen in The Fame Game in the character of famous star Anamika Anand, who suddenly disappears. This broadcast of the series is going to be seeded on February 25. Madhuri Dixit Upcoming Series recently gave an interview about this series, in which she shared many stories. Recently, during an interview, she wondered about Madhuri Dixit’s weirdest fans.

In response, Madhuri said that there was a fan who had come to his house. Furthermore, Madhuri said that she did not come alone, that she had come to my house with all her belongings. Recalling this story, the girl from Dhak Dhak further said that he must have been about 50 years old and had come and stood at the door. This is the stuff from the 90s. When we opened the door, she said that Madhuri Dixit had called me.

Taking the matter further, the actress said: When asked why Madhuri called you. So she said that Madhuri wants to adopt me. Madhuri said that we were all stunned to hear this. When asked when she had talked to Madhuri, she also said when I was at home. She was on television. She talked to me and I talked to her. She said again for her to come. That’s why I came here. Remembering this, Madhuri Dixit began to laugh a lot.


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