Salman Khan’s father, Salim Khan, is known as the greatest screenwriter and producer of his time. Salim Khan’s personal life has always been in the headlines. Salim Khan first married Sushila Charak in 1964. After marrying Salim Khan, Sushila changed her religion to become Salma. After the marriage, they both became parents to four children, but in the meantime, a decision by Salim Khan created a scandal throughout the family.

In 1981, he married Helen for the second time. The entire family was deeply shocked by his decision. Salma and her four children were very devastated by this decision of Salim Khan and there was a break in the family, but gradually everything got better. Salma and the four children (Alvira, Arbaaz, Salman and Sohail) also accepted Helen into the family. Speaking of this, Salma herself said in an interview that Salim Khan’s second marriage hurt her a lot. The four children did not speak to Helen either, but then everything was fine and now Helen is part of their family.

When the family was shocked to learn of Salim Khan's second marriage to Helen, do they know what happened next?

In Helen, where the four children got another mother. At the same time, Helen found her family in the Salim family. This is why he and Salim never had children. Instead, they adopted a daughter named Arpita Khan. Arpita has now become the life of the Khan family. Salman and the whole family love him very much. Arpita is married to Aayush Sharma, with whom Salman will soon be seen in the movie Final: The Final Truth.



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