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When the elevator flooded … a heartbreaking event

According to foreign media, the city of Omaha in the US state of Nebraska is experiencing heavy rains and floods these days and the floods have wreaked havoc everywhere, making the desire to see Tony and his friends very dear.

A young man named Tony came out of his building with some friends to see the devastation in the city and got into trouble.

When Tony got off the elevator with some of his friends, the building flooded and the elevator sank, filling the interior of the elevator and slowly reaching his neck.

Tony also shared heartbreaking photos of the water-filled elevator on his social media account, in which Tony and his friends can be seen struggling to avoid drowning.

Tony called 911 and his friends for help, saying that floodwaters had filled the elevator and that we could die if we didn’t get help.

According to media reports, Tony along with his friends saw the death up close and fortunately, with the help of rescue personnel, they made it out of the elevator alive.

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