When the director interrupted Rajkumar for a t-shirt: Rajkumar, who ruled millions of hearts through his excellent dialogue delivery and excellent acting, used to be in discussion not only about his films, but also in real life he used to appear in headlines with your style. . At the same time, once, the assistant director of his film got so angry that Rajkumar had stopped talking to him and this was revealed by actor Mukesh Khanna in an interview.

In fact, Mukesh Khanna, in an interview, shared an anecdote related to the filming of the movie ‘Betaj Badshah’ and said: ‘We were all sitting down, when suddenly Rajkumar told me that Mukesh is the enemy and your scenes in the movie? ? ‘ To this I asked: ‘I would also like to ask you if you have scenes in the movie or not.’ Because the movie split, in addition to Rajkumar ji and me, Shatrughan Sinha also joined the movie. Apart from this, Mukesh said: ‘There cannot be an actor like him. When Rajkumar ji and I filmed the scene, he was wearing a suit and his shirt was coming off a little. As soon as the shot started, the film’s assistant director came up to him and said, your shirt is off, sir. Hearing this, he stopped for a moment and said, ‘Jani’s people will see us, not our suit.’

Let us tell you that Rajkumar used to be famous for its unique style and impetuousness. His status was enormous. At the same time, Dilip Kumar will also work with him on the movie ‘Saudagar’, when Rajkumar found out about this he said: ‘You know if we consider someone after us as an actor, then only Dilip Kumar.’



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