When the director abused Neena Gupta’s mother and sister, Act started crying in front of everyone on set.

Veteran actress Neena Gupta has been active in the film industry since 1980. In between, Neena disappeared from movies for a few years, but now she is seen working on a big movie. Recently, Neena Gupta spoke about the work culture in the 1980s. Along with this, she also recounted that a director had abused her mother and her sister on set, after which she cried bitterly.

During an interview with Bollywood Bubble, Neena Gupta was asked about a strange anecdote from the early days of her career, to which she recounted that she was abused by a director, after which she cried profusely in front of everyone. Neena Gupta said, “I was doing a film where I had a small role. I had two or three lines in one scene. Those lines were cut out on the day of the shoot. Now I don’t have any roles left.”

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Neena Gupta further said, “I went to the director and told him that I only had two lines and you cut that too. After that, he abused me in front of everyone as a mother and sister. Vinod Khanna and Juhi Chawla and everyone was present and I started crying as he abused me in front of everyone.”

However, Neena Gupta further said that this kind of work culture no longer exists in the industry. He said: “I don’t think this will happen today and maybe it would have happened, but I’m not in that situation now. No one will abuse my mother and sister today.”

Talking about the work front, Neena Gupta was recently seen in the movie Vadh, in which she worked with Sanjay Mishra. Neena and Sanjay played the role of husband and wife in this movie.

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