Ram Nath Kovind: President of India Ram Nath Kovind presented 100 cricket kits to Jamaica Cricket Association Director Wilfred Billy Haven. Following which, Wilfred Billy Haven, president of the Jamaica Cricket Association, said it is a proud moment for the people of Jamaica. He said that when the Indian cricket team tours the West Indies and plays matches at Sabina Park in Jamaica, he makes a lot of profit. Because a lot of people come to watch this game. At the same time, he said that the board benefits a lot of money from the tour of the Indian cricket team. This is the biggest way to make money for us.

‘Proud Moment for Jamaica’

Actually, the Indian President, Ram Nath Kovind, is on his 4-day Jamaica tour. During this, he presented 100 cricket kits to Wilfred Billy Haven, director of the Jamaican Cricket Association. Wilfred Billy Haven, director of the Jamaica Cricket Association, said this is a proud moment for me and a point of pride for all cricket-loving Jamaicans. He also said that it is a great pleasure to receive such gifts from a nation like India.

‘Relations between the two countries will be better’

Jamaican Cricket Association chief Wilfred Billy Haven said this would further improve relations between the two countries. In addition, such gifts will motivate the nation’s youth to play cricket, and then many young people will play cricket for the country. Furthermore, he gave the example of Jamaican cricketers Chris Gayle and Andre Russell. Wilfred Billy Haven said that the youngsters here want to play cricket, but it is a bit expensive. Because of this, most youngsters are unable to continue playing. Currently, 17 players from Caribbean countries play in the IPL, of which 4 players are from Jamaica. He said that we are working for a better development of cricket, so that the youngsters can have better facilities.

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