When Shraddha Kapoor expressed her disgust at the lobbying, she said: Sonakshi has Salman and Alia…

Many celebrities have come forward openly on Karan Johar’s controversial chat show ‘Koffee with Karan’. On this show, celebrities are seen giving statements that they would hesitate to give in front of the media. However, many times these statements of his also put him in trouble. Shraddha Kapoor gave one such statement regarding her fellow actresses.

Shraddha Kapoor is considered to be very calm and level-headed in the film industry and often stays away from controversy. But when there is an opportunity, she does not lose to keep her point. Shraddha Kapoor contacted Koffee with Karan some time back where she talked about the positive points the contemporary actress of hers in the industry got from her.

Shraddha Kapoor, who appeared on Koffee with Karan, told her mind during rapid fire that due to her few contacts, she has to suffer losses in the industry many times. During the rapid firefight, Shraddha Kapoor was asked a question about the actresses accompanying her. In which she was asked what her fellow actresses have but she doesn’t. Karan Johar named many actresses one by one and Shraddha responded.

During this, Karan Johar talked about what Parineeti Chopra, Alia Bhatt and Sonakshi Sinha have and don’t have. The actress was quick to reply: “Parineeti has Adi Chopra, Sonakshi has Salman Khan and Alia has you.” The viral clip was recently shared on an Instagram page ‘Shraddha Kapoorfansforlife’ and netizens instantly reacted as soon as they saw it.

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