When Shekhar Suman spoke about Adhyayan Suman’s accusations, not Kangana Ranaut, but the son himself ruined…

Adhyayan Suman, the son of Shekhar Suman, who was once a household name in the industry, tried to make his career in Bollywood. But Adhyayan Suman’s career could not last long. Recently, Shekhar Suman accused the film industry that he was cornered in the industry.

He wrote on Twitter: “I know at least 4 people in the industry who banded together to get me and Adhyayan out of many projects. I know for sure. These ‘mobsters’ are very influential and more dangerous than us, but the truth is it is that they can create obstacles but they cannot stop us.

Adhyayan Suman was very close to Kangana Ranaut at one point and there was a lot of discussion about their love. The two were in a relationship for a few months from 2008 to 2009, and they were also seen working together on ‘Raj: The Mystery Continues’. But this relationship of both did not last long and both separated. After this, the studio made many serious accusations against Kangana Ranaut for ruining her career.

Adhyayan Suman has said many times that his father was always firmly by his side. Speaking of her breakup with Kangana, the studio said that her father helped her get over it. He said: “My father always tells me that no one is good or bad. When you get into a relationship with someone, you may not be cut out to be with each other. And with that thought, I moved on in life.”

After the breakup with Kangana, Adhyayan Suman made many serious accusations of black magic at her. Kangana Ranaut was said to have ruined his career. Shekhar Suman’s reaction jumped to the fore about it. Shekhar had said that it was actually not Kangana but Adhyayan himself who ruined his career. He said that Adhyayan chose the wrong people in his life because his career was ruined.

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