Precisely, a few days ago the trailer for the movie ‘Major’ by Mahesh Babu was released, at that event the media asked him if he is considering working in Bollywood and OTT. To this, Mahesh Babu replied that Bollywood can’t afford it, so he doesn’t want to waste his time coming here. Also the actor said that he is made for the big screen. In such a situation, he cannot work in the digital world. However, after criticism, Mahesh Babu clarified that he respects all languages, but he is happy with the work he is doing.

In the midst of this statement by Mahesh Babu, an old video of Shahrukh Khan is going viral on social networks, in which he tells why he does not want to work in the world of Hollywood. This video has been shared from his fan page, which is from an event. In the video, he is asked about his debut in Hollywood movies. Shahrukh responds to this and says that I don’t have that good English, so I should make my Hollywood debut. If I get the role of a dumb person, then that’s fine. But I will never try, I am 42 years old, my complexion is a bit dark, I am not a special USP actor. Also, I don’t know how to fight kun fu, I don’t even know how to dance Latin salsa, my height is not as big as Westerners. I recently saw films from Europe, which are like a dream for me. There is no place for me in this.’

Shahrukh can be heard in the video saying: ‘There is no place for me in this field because I am not that talented.’ Let us tell you that recently Shahrukh Khan started shooting the movie DUNKI with Rajkumar Hirani. Taapsee Pannu is working with her on this ambitious project. The film is based on an immigration drama. Apart from this, Shahrukh Khan can be seen in the action packed movie ‘Pathan’ with Deepika and John Abraham. At the same time, he has also signed the upcoming movie ‘Nayantara’.


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