Home Entertainment When Sapna Choudhary asked the stewardess for water in typical style

When Sapna Choudhary asked the stewardess for water in typical style

When Sapna Choudhary asked the stewardess for water in typical style

Haryanvi Queen Sapna Choudhary is known for her impeccable style. Her typical style is her identity. When Sapna Chaudhary shared such an outrageous anecdote with the audience, the audience laughed. At the same time, while she was telling this anecdote, Queen Haryanvi also laughed. Actually, this story is from an airplane and when Sapna Chaudhary sat down for the first time in business class, how she reacted when she felt thirsty, we will tell you later. But before that, know that from all this history comes a lesson that keeping silent is of no use, one should be proud of one’s own language.


<div dir="car" style="text alignment: justify;"As everyone knows, from the beginning, Sapna Chaudhary's hand in English has been close. She herself said that she has less education, so she doesn't know how to speak English. While narrating this anecdote in one of her interviews, Sapna tells the audience that – Once I was traveling in business class, I saw the seat, I felt how important it would be to sit in it, but what I knew was to do it back and fourth Includes food and drink. In this, a stewardess comes and asks me: what will you drink, ma'am? She said this in three or four words in English. She didn't understand her English. I thought, brother, keeping quiet wouldn't make any difference. In such a situation, seeing what Sapna did, people laughed and she also learned from them.

Sapna says that the stewardess seemed Nepali, now I don’t understand if she will understand Hindi or not. So I spoke neither Hindi nor English, I said in Haryanvi- Madam, please bring a glass of water…

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