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When Sanjeev Kumar came home with his mother to ask for Hema Malini’s hand, the actress’s mother made a condition.

When Sanjeev Kumar came home with his mother to ask for Hema Malini's hand, the actress's mother made a condition.

Actress Hema Malini is called Bollywood’s dream girl. Once upon a time millions of admirers of her beauty and all aspired to make her their own. Dharmendra came into her life, but she was not the only person. Before her there was also Sanjeev Kumar who wanted to make the actress the girl of her dreams.

Sanjeev, who is known for his best films, is not in this world today, but the stories related to him are still heard and told in the industry. One of these anecdotes was related to his marriage to Hema Malini. It is said that they both loved each other very much and wanted to get married, but Sanjeev Kumar had said something to Hema’s mother that disinterested her and this relationship ended.

According to reports, Sanjeev Kumar’s family was looking for a daughter-in-law who could give him their undivided attention at home. Hema Malini herself had said about this in an interview, she was looking for a home wife. Hema also revealed that she used to look down on women in the acting profession. Sanjeev Kumar wanted a housewife who could sacrifice his career and who could do housework.

There are reports that Sanjeev Kumar along with his mother Shantaben (Shantaben Jariwala) came to Hema Malini’s house with many boxes of sweets. At the same time, the actress’s mother was also very happy to meet her, but she had put a condition on her. Hema’s mother, Jaya Chakravarti, said, “I am glad that you are willing to accept my daughter Hema as your daughter-in-law, but my condition is that you continue her career even after her marriage. I will keep her.”

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