When Salman didn’t even have money to buy a shirt, this actor gave him a great gift

Bollywood’s Bhaijaan Salman Khan is very famous for his generosity. Experts say that when Dabangg Khan reaches out to help someone, he doesn’t see anything, but do you know that Salman also needed someone’s help at one point? The condition was that during that time he didn’t even have money to buy a T-shirt. At that time an actor helped him. This matter was brought up by Salman Khan himself during an award function and it became emotional.

According to the information, as of today’s date, Salman Khan, who plays in crores, has also experienced a period of financial crisis. It was a time when he had no money and he had to miss everything. During the IIFA Awards 2022, when Salman Khan mentioned the same page of his life, tears welled up in his eyes.

Salman Khan had said: ‘Many years ago I had no money. I had to think many times before buying anything. During that time, I once came to Sunil Shetty’s store, where there were very expensive clothes. I went to buy jeans and shirts, but I could only buy jeans. During that time, Sunil Shetty was present solely in the store. She gifted a Stonewash shirt to Salman Khan.

While narrating this story, Salman Khan became emotional and his eyes also filled with tears. He said that during that time he had also liked a bag in the store, but he was not in a position to buy it. In such a situation, he was heartbroken. After a few days, Sunil Shetty called Salman at his house and gave him the same bag that he had liked in the store.

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