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When Saif Ali Khan said about Amrita Singh: ‘I will never be able to find anyone again’

Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh are the two names that are now completely separate from each other. Both are not husband, wife or friend. But still, their lives will always be related to each other. They have both spent a lot of time together. They both made love, got married, started a family … Although their relationship ended at a tragic point, there was a moment when they both did not tire of praising each other.

They both fell in love first and then made the decision to get married without long delay. When family members protested, they secretly married. At that moment they were seen lost in the love of the other. In an interview, Amrita and Saif praised each other a lot. Taking Amrita’s hand, she said that you know very few people with whom you have a connection. I didn’t think I would meet anyone again, so I stopped at Amrita. These lines were enough to describe the love of both, but then who did not know whose relationship was noticeable.

Everything was fine until the birth of Sara Ali Khan in 1995, but then things started to deteriorate. There were frequent fights between the two. They both know the exact reason. There is only speculation in the media. The relationship recovered but then deteriorated. Ultimately, both decided to separate and filed for divorce. In 2004, the names of Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan were separated in the newspapers. 16 years have passed since they parted ways. But whenever Saif’s name is taken, Amrita will definitely be mentioned and whenever Amrita Singh is spoken about, Saif’s name will automatically appear on the language.


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