When Rekha was asked: When are you getting married? The actress gave a funny answer.

Imperishable Bollywood actress Rekha who has always been known for her dazzling style. Aside from her acting and beauty, she is also making headlines for her impetuousness. At the same time, during an interview, when Rekha was asked about marriage and her children, she gave a wonderful answer. We all know that Rekha was married to businessman Mukesh Aggarwal, but her husband died shortly after the marriage, after which Rekha never remarried.

In the interview, Rekha said: ‘I would like to marry life. I’m already married to many things in life. Rekha said, I am married to my job. Apart from this, when Rekha was asked years ago: “She will not marry any man?” To this he said: ‘Anyway, who started this thing called marriage? After all, this is not good, right? At the same time, Rekha was asked: ‘Do you regret not having children?’ To this Rekha said: ‘Never, yes, but I was craving and didn’t know what was happening to me. My friends Neetu, Yogita Bali were all children and I love children.

This thought of Rekha was beyond the world. In fact, Rekha talks about her love for her pets and says that they are like children to her. At a time when society doesn’t want to see women over 30 as more than just a wife and mother, Rekha said that she will always be the queen of her heart.

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