When Rekha revealed Shahrukh Khan’s secret in front of everyone, the actress herself was moved after telling

Actress Evergreen Rekha is still very beautiful. In the 70s, she surprised millions of hearts with her beauty and style. At the same time, there are many such stars in Bollywood who are very fond of Rekha, but Shahrukh Khan has something else to say. King Khan is Rekha’s favorite. Not only this, in the year 2017, Rekha got excited when talking about Shahrukh.

Reading the lines of Gulzar’s poetry, Rekha said: ‘You have felt a soul, have you seen it? The body turns to ashes when the body burns, but when the soul burns, it turns into a diamond. I have never seen a soul. But I felt it in life. ‘ He had said these lines for Shahrukh. Not only this, Rekha further said about Shahrukh, ‘I don’t know how many times that person must have killed his soul. This is the reason why today it shines like a diamond. The talent is along that line and has more love than anyone has seen. Rekha got excited saying this.

At the same time, Rekha also shared an anecdote related to Shahrukh and said: ‘We were on the plane. He was very tired and slept from filming day and night. When the eyes were opened, a voice came, Rekha ji, please stand up. Look outside, what a beautiful sight it is, roll down the window. go to sleep later. I couldn’t see the sunset, but slowly I looked back. He was Shahrukh, I looked Shahrukh in the eyes and began to think that brother, he is a man from our community.

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