The beautiful Bollywood actress, Poonam Dhillon, worked with many great stars of her time. He has also worked with superstar Rajesh Khanna in many films. Poonam and Rajesh Khanna met for the first time on the set of a movie. However, while working with Rajesh Khanna on the film, the actress revealed that they had met before as well. According to media reports, Poonam had said in an interview that he belonged to a family where movies were rarely seen. That’s why he didn’t even know Rajesh Khanna. Up to that point, Poonam had only seen 3 movies. When he had the opportunity to meet Rajesh Khanna for the first time, at that moment Kaka himself had called him.

In an interview, Poonam Dhillon had said: ‘I used to watch movies very rarely, that’s why I didn’t know the great Rajesh Khanna then. I was not from Bombay, we weren’t allowed to watch movies. Until then I had only seen 3 movies in my life. ‘Dosti’ that we used to see every day of the child. ‘Guddi’ and ‘Mera Naam Joker’. I hadn’t seen any Rajesh Khanna movies. But I definitely knew that he is a huge star.

Poonam Dhillon also told the story of his first meeting with Rajesh Khanna, he said: ‘I was filming in Chandigarh when I first met him. I was in eighth class. We found out that the Rajesh Khanna shooting was happening nearby, then the girls formed a gang and hit the set. It was then discussed that Rajesh Khanna had come with Dimple Kapadia. A crowd of girls had gathered to see him. All the girls wore school uniforms. Seeing me in the crowd, he pointed his finger and called out to me. At first I looked back and then I saw him, then he again signaled for me to call. When I went to see him, he told me that your eyes were very sweet. I kept hearing his words. On the sets of Poonam’s first movie, ‘Red Rose’ with Rajesh Khanna, the actress reminded Rajesh Khanna of this.



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