When no big star wanted to work with Mumtaz: The famous and beautiful Hasina Mumtaz of Hindi cinema was one of the best actresses of her time. He worked with almost all the major producers, directors and actors of that time. However, there was a time when no great actor in the film industry wanted to work with Mumtaz. But then-superstar actor Dara Singh supported Mumtaz and the actress herself told him about it.

Speaking about this in an interview, Mumtaz said that he gives all the credit for his successful career to Dara Singh. Because Mumtaz worked with him in about 16 films. Mumtaz had said: ‘I did about 16 films with Dara Singh. Working with him was really different. He inspired everyone. He was a very good person. The movies we used to work on at the time were considered B-grade movies. I was the only actress who agreed to work with him at the time.

Mumtaz also said about it: ‘No great hero wanted to work with me. I didn’t get to do much in movies then. Although he was very excited to see Dara Singh on screen, as an actor, people never took him seriously. But I give credit for my career to Dara Singh. It was only after doing movies with him that I started getting good offers.



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