When Neena Gupta was asked about her religion at the hospital, the actress got angry and said, “Oh my God, what will happen to us now…”

Neena Gupta often remains a part of the headlines for some reason. The actress is in Delhi these days and her health is also poor. In such a situation, the actress had come to the hospital to get herself checked. But something happened to her in the hospital that caused the actress to become very angry and she was seen getting angry over the matter.

According to a report published in Aaj Tak, Neena Gupta had gone to a hospital in Gurgaon for check-up. The actress had to fill out a very long form before the examination. The actress, who was hospitalized due to illness, became very angry when she saw this. But when the form asked him about his religion, his anger flared.

Neena shared a glimpse of the form as she shared a video on her Instagram story. In this video, the actress says: “I came to a big hospital and I’m filling out a registration form.” This means that if I fill it out, I’ll get even sicker. I’m not very sick, but I’m recovering. And now a column on the subject of religion has been published.

When Neena Gupta saw the religion column in the registration form, she was angry. He said, “Hey, this is still happening.” Oh my God, what’s going to happen to us now? Let us tell you that Neena also shared a video when she went to the hospital and showed how she was stuck in traffic for the last 10 minutes.

Neena Gupta was last seen in the film “Mast Mein Rehne Ka”. Jackie Shroff was seen with her in this film. The fans really liked the film.

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