When Matt Renshaw checked out injured due to a bathroom emergency, this incident occurred 6 years ago in Pune

6 years ago, the Australia team was touring India for the Border Gavaskar Trophy. It was the month of February and the first match was being played in Pune. Here the Australian team was batting first. David Warner and Matt Renshaw were at the crease and the team had gotten off to a good start. Here, suddenly, Renshaw was seen running towards the pavilion. Steve Smith gave angry and surprised expressions during this. It was not known at the time why the last Renshaw suddenly headed for the pavilion, but the situation became clear after the end of the day.

In reality, due to a bathroom emergency, Renshaw had to withdraw injured in the intermediate event. Matt Renshaw later told the whole story of this incident. He also said that, ‘I was at the medical store the next day and I saw some adult diapers there. He was about to buy them ‘By the way, this time when Matt Renshaw is touring India once again, this story must be teaching him a lesson to take care of some special things. He especially would like to refrain from eating spicy food while he enjoys Indian cuisine. You will definitely pay attention to his diet as well.

In that Test held in Pune, when Matt Renshaw returned to the field after retiring injured, he filled a winger for the Australian team. He played a 68-run innings. Due to innings from him, the Kangaroo team was able to get to 260 runs in the first innings. Following this, the Australian bowlers outscored the Indian team by just 105 runs and took a 155-run lead. Australia had scored 285 runs in the second innings and went on to win the match by a wide margin of 333 runs, including India on 107 in the fourth innings. Although the Australia team lost this Test series 2-1.

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