When Mahima Chaudhary was afraid to see her own face in the mirror

Mahima Chaudhary was first seen in the movie ‘Pardes’ with Shahrukh Khan. Mahima became a star overnight from this movie. Once upon a time there was such an accident with Mahima, who won everyone’s hearts with his performance, which changed his life completely. This accident also destroyed Mahima’s film career. Mahima Chaudhary gets scared thinking about this incident even today. After all, what happened to him like that, let us tell you.

Let me tell you that in 1999, when Mahima Chaudhary was shooting the movie ‘Dil Kya Kare’, she was the victim of a terrible traffic accident. She was going to the set for the shoot, when a truck hit her car. The crash was so strong that the glass of the car shattered and plunged into Mahima’s face. Mahima’s condition had become very bad. He was immediately taken to the hospital, where he underwent surgery. When Mahima saw his face in the mirror, he was surprised. On his face there were only stitches. 67 pieces of glass were removed from his face by surgery.

After this accident, Mahima Chaudhary’s surgery was performed but she was not allowed to come out. She was dark all the time in her room. He had to stay away from ultraviolet rays or any type of light so that no mark was left on his face. Even the actress couldn’t see her own face. Due to this accident, Mahima also stayed away from movies. When this incident with him happened, she had many important projects. Due to this incident with the actress, everyone took a step back and signed other heroines. This accident left Mahima badly mangled.

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