Bollywood superstar Dilip Kumar always wowed fans with his best performance in the 1960s. He made his debut in the film industry with the movie ‘Jwar Bhata’, after which he never looked back. At the same time, Dilip Kumar considered Lata Mangeshkar, a famous singer known as the melody of notes, as his younger sister.

According to media reports, Lata Mangeshkar also used to tie Rakhi to him. However, there came a time when Dilip Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar even stopped talking. That wasn’t for 1 or 2 years either, but the two didn’t speak to each other for almost 13 years.

According to media reports, the movie ‘Musafir’ that came in the year 1957. Salil Choudhary chose Dilip Kumar for his song ‘Laghi Nahi Chhote’, but Lata Mangeshkar, who was supposed to give his voice in this song, I had no idea about it. When you heard about this, did you start to think that Dileep could sing too? At the same time, Dilip Kumar began to practice singing. But at the time of recording, he was nervous while singing with Lata Mangeshkar. According to media reports, Salil gave Dilip a pinch of brandy to reduce her nervousness. After this, he sang the song but the voice did not fit well.

Lata Mangeshkar sang the song as well as ever. According to media reports, the differences between Dilip Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar began only after this recording. The two are said to have not spoken properly for 13 years. Then this series ended in the year 1970, after which Lata Mangeshkar began to link Rakhi with the superstar.



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