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When Kajol exposed her mother Tanuja’s pole, the actress used to beat her a lot in her childhood

Bollywood actress Kajol is undoubtedly one of the most successful actresses in the industry. However, he always describes his mother Tanuja’s upbringing as the best. Kajol Devgan shares a beautiful bond with her mother Tanuja. From organizing a birthday party for her daughter to enjoying the company of her entire family, Tanuja is a happy mother and grandmother today.

You know that in the first years of raising her daughters, the beautiful actress Tanuja was very strict. She believed in beating her children a lot to raise them properly. Unlike her mother, Kajol is a quiet mother and is very close to her children, Nyasa Devgan and Yug Devgan. However, he credits his mother’s rigor for making Kajol what he is today.

In an interview in 1999, Kajol revealed that “his mother Tanuja used to believe that once you stop lifting the stick, you spoil the child. So, she was pretty strict with him. According to media reports, Kajol had said: ‘They loved me, but they didn’t spoil me. My mother did not believe in the saying, drop the stick, pamper the child, she was very tough, that’s why she hit me with rackets and badminton utensils.

Giving an example of her 13th birthday, Kajol while talking about her mother, Tanuja said: She told me to improve my behavior and after that, my mother promised never to raise her hand. In his words, ‘I will never raise my hand on you again, but if I want to correct you, I will.’ But I will never make you feel like a child, today you have grown up. From that day on, I took responsibility for my actions. “


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