When is the full moon in February 2024 or “snow moon”?

At the end of February 2024 the Snow Moon And thanks to the satellite entering the next lunar phase, you can observe the moon in all its glory. At the end of leap monthyou can enjoy the full moon that will dazzle the night sky

According to him astronomical calendar of National Geographic Institute (IGN), the monthly phenomenon will occur on the night of Saturday, February 24th. In addition, as usual, there will be a specific time this moon to observe the full moon in its maximum splendor from Spain. IGN states that this will take place 12:13 p.munder the sign of Virgo.

Since it coincides with the middle of the night, Spaniards can observe the maximum of the full moon from the peninsula and islands, depending on the weather.

The full moon in February is called the snow moon by Native Americans because it occurs in one of the following months coldest months of the yearas stated in the Maine Farmers’ Almanac.

It has been dubbed the Snow Moon due to the heavy snowfall that falls this time of year (NOAA long-term monthly averages for the Washington, D.C. region show that January and February are almost simultaneously the snowiest months of the year). . Bad weather and heavy snow made hunting difficult, which is why this moon was also named Hunger Moon

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