When is it possible to preload Diablo IV so as not to wait for launch day?

Diablo IV will arrive in just one week for those who chose one of the early access pre-order packs.

Preloading the game onto your computer is something you’ll definitely want to do if you want to play it as soon as it’s available, which will be the June 2 at 1pm (Spanish time) if you have early access.

With Diablo IV’s size and popularity, preloading will be essential. If you wait to install it when the game comes out, you will almost certainly have to wait for server congestion.

When will you be able to preload it? Brief. Though not long before the Early Access date. Blizzard confirms that Diablo IV pre-loads will start on June 1st at 1am UK time.

Those who have not purchased an early access pack will have to wait for the June 6 at 1 pm (Spanish time). However, you will be able to pre-load the game on May 30th along with the rest of the players.

Diablo IV will be released on multiple platforms including PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. And all platforms can be preloaded the same day.

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