Luka Doncic rescued some Mavericks who are still alive against Chris Paul’s Suns. The Slovenian, who is playing his first Conference semifinals, finished with 26 points, 13 rebounds and 9 assists in the triumph of his team in Dallas (103-94) and that puts the 2-1 in the tie in favor of the Suns.

Luka Doncic’s great game has not gone unnoticed by the world, especially for someone who wanted to compare the star of the Mavericks with a player who almost never got to train at Real Madrid, but who left a mark on the white house. “When I see Luka play, I always think of Fernando Martín. One of the legends of Real Madrid and really the first special player in Europe”commented on Twitter george karlformer Spurs player who mainly developed his coaching career in the NBA (Spurs, Nuggets, Cavaliers, Warriors, Supersonics and Kings) and Real Madrid.

Karl landed on the Real Madrid bench in the summer of 1989 and Fernando Martín passed away on December 3 that year in a car accident, when he was on his way to the Palacio de Deportes to watch the match between Real Madrid and Zaragoza. They did not coincide, therefore,


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