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“When I joined Wade or Kyrie … I didn’t even drink wine”

LeBron James faces his 19th season in the NBA. Almost two decades will meet one of the best players of all time, a man whose social and cultural dimension goes beyond sports, who has transcended above everything and everyone and who now only fights against himself and his own legend. LeBron can win more rings between now and when he retires while, of course, he is in charge of breaking that myriad of records that can include, why not, being the greatest scorer in history. And none of this seems to worry a person who faces with an unusual calm a course full of uncertainty for the Lakers, their Lakers.

Perhaps, his tranquility is given by the situation and by the evolution he has had as a player. Since leaving the Cavaliers for the first time, back in 2010, has had a constant growth that has allowed him to reconcile with a public opinion that was clearly and completely against him. But also, in all that process, he has discovered how difficult it is to win and has managed around him so that opportunities come to him. Without forcing them, surrounding himself with great teams and moving from Florida to Ohio, the smallest market, to leave home and call in the largest, Los Angeles. And succeed in all those places, of course.

I became a little more patient with the process as the years went by. I joined Wade 11 years ago and Kyrie seven years ago. I was still figuring out who I was as a person … I didn’t even drink wine when I joined D-Wade or Kyrie. Or tequila“LeBron said in the season preview. The king He has thus made a review of his career and has spoken of his current moment. And, for the moment, he still does not give clues about when a career that continues to add new milestones and that does not seem to be ending in the short term can end. And the player will turn, remember, 37 years on December 30.

The Lakers face a new season with LeBron as leader, and the fourth with the forward in their ranks. And they do it with the peace of mind that the project has already obtained the ring, in 2020, but also with the typical requirement of such a large franchise. And with a squad full of proper names that have been a lot in the best league in the world, that NBA that doesn’t wait for anyone. But very veteran, with many shortcomings and that will have to perform very well to qualify for a new title. One that would catapult a little more to the King to Olympus and that he would continue to write the pages of his incredible history. Of course, Lebron is quite calm before the challenge. At least, it seems so.

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