When his wife died of cancer, the superstar of the Kapoor family was left alone for 33 years, and their love story remains immortal to this day

There are many Bollywood stars whose love story is no less than the script of a film. Yes, apart from films, celebrities are also in the news about their love lives. Today we are introducing you to one such love story whose love stories are still alive in the cinema halls.

They both decided to get married, but Jennifer’s father was strictly against this relationship. Nevertheless, both of them got married in 1958. The story of this love at first sight was very interesting, but the end of this love story was very sad. Jennifer died of cancer in 1984. Shashi Kapoor was in shock after Jennifer’s departure. He didn’t speak to anyone and sat quietly in a room. With the help of Jennifer’s memories, he spent the rest of his life alone. He remained single all his life. He never married again.

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