When Hema Malini said she doesn’t want to ‘harass’ Dharmendra’s first wife, Prakash Kaur

Actress Hema Malini is known for her excellent dancing and acting. Hema Malini Love Story was the queen of the big screen in the 70s and 80s. After a while she fell in love with Dharmendra and the two got married. It is said of the love story of both that both had broken all limits to get their love. Dharmendra was already married to Prakash Kaur before marrying Hema Malini and had two children, Sunny and Bobby. During an interview, Hema Malini told about her marriage to Dharmendra and her relationship with Prakash Kaur. She revealed that she never went to meet Prakash Kaur as she did not want to upset him.

Hema Malini had met Dharmendra’s first wife, Prakash Kaur, on several occasions at a social event, but they did not see each other after their marriage. Hema said that ‘I didn’t want to upset anyone. I am very happy with all that Dharam ji has done for me and my daughters. He played the role of a father, just like a father does. I think I’m happy with that. ‘

Hema further said: ‘Today I am a working woman and I can maintain my dignity as I have dedicated my life to art and culture. I feel like if the situation had been a little different, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Although I have never talked about Prakash, I respect him very much. My daughters also respect the Dharma ji family.


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