When Gauri Khan started worrying about this Shahrukh thing, King Khan had said: ‘I am 44 years old…’

It is impossible to talk about the most famous Bollywood couples and not mention Shahrukh-Gauri. Gauri is the only woman who entered Shahrukh’s life as a girlfriend and now the two have been together for 31 years. Meanwhile, a video of Gauri and Shahrukh is going viral on social media, in which Gauri is seen worrying about him. However, Badshah Khan completely appeased him with magic words from him.

This video is said to be from a movie set. During that time, Shahrukh was talking to Gauri on the phone. He told a worried Gauri, “Gauri, let all these things go well. You have known me for so many years and you have also been observing my sleeping pattern.” Calm down. I’ll do this a lot. I am 44 years old. I will be able to handle that much.

It is worth noting that Shahrukh was not alone at the time. Filmmaker Karan Johar’s voice is also heard in this video and is reprized by Shahrukh. Shahrukh had told his wife: ‘Everything is a lie. His concern is totally misplaced. You should understand my financial situation and you should stop buying.

Fans also enjoyed a lot and commented that this video went viral on social media. One user wrote: ‘Hey, she only cares about you.’ Another user wrote: “Karan is that friend, who always acts as the third wheel between the best couple of friends.” Another user even described Shahrukh as a typical Punjabi husband. He wrote: ‘Shahrukh grew up in Delhi and Punjabi culture dominates here.’

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