When Esha Gupta had left the filming after the director’s misconduct, she arrived on set with this condition.

Esha Gupta is also famous for her flawless style. Recently, during an interview, she revealed that during the filming of a movie, when the director told her the good and the bad of something, she did not stay silent and also gave an appropriate response to the director.

Isha said there was an issue with the costumes during the filming of the film and due to a lack of communication, this matter did not reach the director. When I got to the set, he was mean to me. He said something to me in Hindi and then he said: You are late, I did not lose my temper, but I told him I was not late, I came here first. I got here before filming time. There was a problem with the outfit so they changed it, not my fault. Hearing this, the director again misbehaved me.

When Esha Gupta had left the shoot after the director's misconduct, she arrived on set two days later with this condition.

The first time I was silent when I heard him, but the second time he spoke to me in bad words, I also turned him around and said the same thing. Then I explained to them and said, you know, this is you, don’t try to talk to me like that and insult me. With that said, I left the set, took the roller out of my hair, sat in the car in the same outfit, and drove off. After this there were calls from the producer to the executive producer but I made it clear that I will not shoot again until the director himself apologizes. After two days the director apologized to me and then I went to the set. We tell you that Isha has worked in films such as Raaz 3D, Humshakals, Rustom and Badshaho.

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