When Amrita Singh infected Sunny Deol to get rich, the actor gave that answer.

Amrita Singh has a different identity in the world of cinema because of her acting and style. Amrita Singh Movies has given many blockbuster movies to the world of Hindi cinema. Amrita has worked with many great actors. Amrita has also worked with Sunny Deol in many movies. We are going to share here an anecdote from the movie Betaab, when Amrita flaunted his money in front of Sunny Deol (Amrita Singh and Sunny Deol Movie). Then the actor gave such a reaction to the actress that he had shut his mouth.

Actually, a scene from the movie ‘Betaab’ is mentioned here. In the movie Betaab, Amrita Singh is the daughter of a great businessman, she is very proud of her father’s money. Amrita arrives in a small town to visit her father’s new estate, where she meets Sunny Deol. The actress does not ride in Sunny Deol’s car, she describes it as bitter and also tells her a lot of things.

Where is Sunny Deol (Amrita Singh’s Romantic Movies) going to give up? In the end, she accepts Amrita just by sitting in her car. After this, Amrita arrives at Sunny Deol’s house to meet her, where a dog follows her. Amrita enters Sunny’s house out of fear and says to calm her down, then Sunny Deol makes fun of her and says that although she is quite calm but seeing arrogant people, she also becomes arrogant. After hearing this talk from Sunny Deol, Amrita Singh is shocked. This film by Amrita Singh and Sunny Deol was well received by the public. Chemistry won people’s hearts in Amrita Singh’s film and Sunny Deol Film.

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