When Aamir Khan was about to slap Twinkle Khanna because of Akshay

There is a good friendship between Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan and Bollywood actress Twinkle Khanna. Aamir and Twinkle were seen together in the movie ‘Mela’. This movie flopped badly at the box office. Twinkle Khanna once revealed at her book launch event that Aamir Khan was about to slap her because of Akshay Kumar. Twinkle Khanna mentioned this incident during her ‘Mrs Funnybones’ book launch event.

Akshay Kumar, Aamir Khan, Karan Johar were present together at this Twinkle Khanna book launch event. During this, Karan asked Aamir about Twinkle’s performance, so before Aamir Khan could answer, the actress herself spoke up. She recounted how because of Akshay, Aamir Khan nearly beat her up.

On the other hand, Aamir says about Twinkle that the actress abused her. According to him, she has taken advantage of them many times. Aamir said that Twinkle had appointed him as the cameraman at her and Akshay’s wedding. Twinkle had asked Aamir to shoot after attending the wedding. Apart from this, Twinkle had made another revelation about Aamir. The actress said that once, during the filming of Mela, she saw Aamir crying behind the rock. Twinkle said that Aamir had gone to explain a scene to the director, but when he was not heard, he began to cry.

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