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The chat app may be working to extend the time limit of the “Delete for all” feature.

At the same time, WhatsApp may also be developing a new video playback interface.

WhatsApp “Delete for everyone” functionality with no time limit

The “Delete for all” function is being optimized by WhatsApp Credit @ WABetaInfo

According to the WABetaInfo website, WhatsApp is optimizing the “Delete for everyone” feature so that it can be used without a time limit. In other words, this function currently has a specific time window, just over an hour, to be used, but it seems that the application will allow users to use the resource, without a time limit.

This is one of the most popular features among WhatsApp users and prevents some embarrassing situations from lingering over time. The feature was introduced to WhatsApp in 2017 and initially users only had seven minutes to use the “Delete for all” feature.

Since 2018, the application has been extending the time limit of the functionality that allows deleting a message and replacing it with a notification, to the rest of the elements of the conversation, that this message has been deleted.

It is not yet known when this new rule will reach WhatsApp users, but as usual, a beta version of the resource should be available first and only later can it be available to all users of the application.

WhatsApp is developing a new video interface

At the same time, WhatsApp may also be working on a new video playback interface. The information is also provided by the WABetaInfo website, which adds that the new interface will allow users to pause, play the video in full screen, or close the picture-in-picture window.

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This new feature may already be at a more advanced stage than the previous one, as the beta version of the iOS application v2.21.220.15 already provides the functionality, as well as the beta version of Android, released at the end of October. .

The WABetaInfo website also says that iOS users can see changes in the way YouTube videos are played in the WhatsApp app, as the videos now play in full screen, automatically.

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