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Whatsapp Update Boosts Sticker Fun

Whatsapp Icon und Schriftzug auf Handy

Whatsapp has quietly rolled out a significant upgrade to its sticker experience without making a big announcement. The feature has been discovered in the latest beta update for Android

The new stickers, known as “Lottie” stickers, offer more advanced animations with smoother transitions and movements. This is made possible by the vector-based animations, which provide brighter colors and intricate movements that remain high-quality regardless of size.

The first sticker pack to utilize this new framework is called “I’m Just a Girl” and is available on the official sticker store. Although WhatsApp has released this sticker pack, third-party creators cannot yet create their own Lottie stickers. However, it’s likely that this will change soon, and more sticker packs will be developed to take advantage of the new framework.

The improved sticker experience is a significant enhancement to the popular messenger app, and users can already access these new stickers in the latest update from the App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android.

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