WhatsApp receives incredible functionality for the privacy of your messages

WhatsApp receives incredible functionality for the privacy of your messages

WhatsApp, as the leading instant communication platform in the market, is constantly evolving. Privacy is one of their biggest concerns, with new features of this kind coming to the app frequently.

The most recent, according to the WABetainfo publication, reinforces the privacy of the messages you exchange with your contacts. Thanks to the new feature, these will only be seen once.

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— WABetaInfo (@WABetaInfo) December 9, 2022

WhatsApp prepares messages that can only be seen once

WhatsApp already has this feature for photos and videos. As for messages, allow them to expire after a while.

But even in that case, there is no mechanism that prevents the recipient from seeing that message just once. This is where the new feature in development comes in, overcoming this minor hiccup.

It was in version of the beta version of the Android application that WABetainfo came across this novelty. The user will know that he is going to send a message that he can only read once when he finds a small padlock on the green send button.


As the description implies, this function will make any message readable only once. It means that after it is read by the recipient, the message will automatically disappear from the conversation history.

This functionality was designed keeping in mind the privacy of the user and the information exchanged. It will be very useful if you want to send sensitive information to one of your contacts, but you don’t want it to remain visible indefinitely.

Obviously, this option will not be infallible when it comes to preventing the spread of sensitive information. Nothing prevents the user from photographing the received message with another telephone to record it or to distribute it later by other means.

If this option works in the same way as images and videos, the user will not be able to forward it to other contacts. You will also be prevented from taking a screenshot.

Once again we reinforce that this novelty is still in the testing phase in the WhatsApp application for Android. We hope that it will soon be extended to other platforms, as well as its arrival on WhatsApp stable channels.


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