WhatsApp prepares one of the best news for the messaging app

OR WhatsApp is the largest platform for instant messaging and online communications, but you can improve your messaging application in many ways. In fact, the experience of sharing links in group and private chats is far from ideal.

With that in mind, we now report on one of the most relevant improvements that has come to WhatsApp in recent months. More specifically, we will have accurate previews of what the links share in the chat windows.

Preview of shared links in WhatsApp chats

Image and video preview as document: ✅ Document preview: ❌ https://t.co/KcVU6pWQPu

— WABetaInfo (@WABetaInfo) February 18, 2022

The news was discovered by the portal WABetaInfo, publication always attentive to the news contained in the trial versions of this messaging app for Android and iOS. Thus, the presence of this improvement is reported in the beta version for Android.

Users will be able to count on this reinforcement for the operation of the platform in the coming weeks, as soon as the company considers the version in question to be stable. In the meantime, users of the beta version can now try out what’s new in WhatsApp.

Shared link preview example in WhatsApp chats. Credit: WABetaInfo.

The preview applies, for now, only to links that refer to images and videos shared in this messaging application. In other words, at the moment we will not have the same benefit for documents and other files shared on the same platform.

News to share images and videos through WhatsApp

In view of the above, we see that this is one of the most significant updates for any user who usually sends images and videos through the messaging application. The platform is well known for compressing and reducing the quality of uploaded files.

On the other hand, the platform also introduced, not too recently, an option that should safeguard the quality of the images sent. However, the results are not satisfactory, with little difference between the compressed (normal) image and the one that should be of maximum quality.

Therefore, currently the only way to maintain the quality of an image is to send it as a document. Thus, the impact that this novelty will have on the normal use of the Meta group messaging app is quickly understood.

In short, despite not being the long-awaited standardization for sharing images, videos and files, it is already an important first step in this direction. It now remains to wait for the arrival of this version in the Google Play Store and App Store.

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