WhatsApp receives millions of users daily, many of them present in various chat groups of different nature. Of family or business groups, sometimes their abandonment can become embarrassing situations.

With that in mind, WhatsApp is preparing a new feature that will give you more privacy in this decision. You’ll soon be able to leave any chat group without your members being notified.

Leaving groups without notification is one of the next WhatsApp

The news is published by WABetainfo, which is constantly attentive to the future of this conversation platform. It was through the latest beta version of WhatsApp for desktop that the novelty became more evident.

whatsapp groups

As the image above documents, from now on only group admins will know who leaves them. An obvious need since these people must be constantly aware of what is happening in the groups they manage.

It means that other members of the group will no longer receive a notification every time another member leaves the conversation. Something that is currently done automatically and that can retract some users from leaving groups that no longer interest them.

Especially if it is a group of family or friends where the chances of having doubts about the reason for your departure will be greater. Soon, only your administrators will be notified of your decision.

To prevent you from being added to the group again, WhatsApp has an option that allows you to restrict who can add you to new groups. This option is available in the privacy options of your account.

There you can filter who will be able to add you to new groups. Options that include any user, only your contacts or only those you really want to trust this possibility.

Although this news was discovered in the desktop beta, it is very likely that the Android and iOS versions will also receive the same news. It will be a matter of time before all WhatsApp users are covered by this novelty.


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