WhatsApp launches a new function that will bring its app to any user

Through its official blog, WhatsApp announced the availability of a novelty that will allow its application to be used anywhere in the world. The problem is the introduction of a proxy server directly on this communication platform.

The objective of this novelty is to make WhatsApp a service truly available to all users. In this way, it will be possible to circumvent any existing limitation on free access to the Internet.

WhatsApp introduces proxy support

The first publication of 2023 on the official WhatsApp blog served to announce the availability of this novelty. For its managers, there is no better way to start this year than to bring WhatsApp closer to all those interested in its potential.


By connecting to a proxy server, WhatsApp users will be able to avoid any threat to the freedom to use the Internet. Even if a country decides to limit access to the network, with the novelty now released, it will still be possible to fully use WhatsApp.

As long as someone connects to a proxy server, the privacy of their data and communications will not be threatened. WhatsApp ensures that end-to-end encryption technology will continue to be available to its users.

The proxy servers available to WhatsApp users are free and open to use. These are created by volunteers and organizations around the world to provide free access to the Internet.

How can you connect to a proxy server in WhatsApp?

  1. Make sure you are using the latest version of WhatsApp
  2. in separator conversationsclick the options menu > Definitions
  3. Go ahead storage and data > proxy server
  4. Go ahead Use a proxy server
  5. Go ahead set proxy server and enter the address of the proxy server
  6. Go ahead Save
  7. If the connection is successful, you will see a check mark
  8. If you still can’t send or receive WhatsApp messages through a proxy server, the server may have been blocked. You can touch and hold the blocked proxy server address to remove it, then enter a new address to try again.
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In short, from 2023 WhatsApp will become a platform available to any user, anywhere in the world. It is a novelty that will undoubtedly help to retain users and preferably to attract new ones.

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