WhatsApp gets an important single view feature for Android and iOS

WhatsApp began to distribute a new update with news for all users. Dubbed “See Once”, single view photos and videos are the latest privacy guarantee available for the world’s most popular instant communication platform.

This function was in beta test during the month of July 2021 with version of the Android application. Now, in its stable version, it is available to the more than two billion monthly active users of the messaging application belonging to the Facebook group.

Single view photos and videos have arrived on WhatsApp

How to send a single view message on WhatsApp

Face to version beta distributed in July there are not many changes. Thus, the point to remember is the impossibility of viewing certain content sent by the sender more than once to guarantee greater privacy of the content sent.

The instant messaging platform believes that this unique display feature will be particularly useful for sending personal information. Take, for example, sending passwords for the Wi-Fi network, among other personal and sensitive data. Justification is present in thethe recent post, on its official page.

On the other hand, the single view in WhatsApp does not prevent the recipient from taking a screenshot (screenshot). Well, this comes to influence the spirit of security with which the new function was conceived, opening a breach in security here.

The new feature begins rolling out today (4) and should reach all users throughout this week. It will be available through an update of the application for Android mobile devices, through the Google Play Store, and iOS, through the App Store.

Finally, it is important to note that the distribution of the new functionality is carried out gradually and in phases for both Android and iOS platforms.

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