WhatsApp communities available to some users

WhatsApp several months ago announced striking new features for users, such as reactions to messages and even the possibility of sending files of up to 2GB. Although the list was still pending community launch, something that they have begun to test with beta-testers. Is feature allows for larger discussion groups.

The company declined to share specific details about how many people or which countries were seeing the new feature as testing expands, but did confirm that more users have now been given early access.

It was not until April of this year that the release of WhatsApp Communities, Which will allow bring together different groups maintaining a structure according to the needs of each case. For example, if we talk about education, the director of a school can send a message to all the parents of the students and create different groups to manage different issues. The Community administrator, in this case the director, is the one who manages the people in each group and can send messages to certain groups, not to all.

How does it work?

Users will find a Communities icon, where they will have the option to create a community. Thus, as administrators of that community, they will be able to choose the groups that will form it, by creating new ones or incorporating existing ones. This new feature gives the option of creating a community which in turn will be made up of several groups, up to a maximum of 10 subgroups within each of them.

Additionally, Communities include features designed to add structure to larger group chats, such as support for file sharing, 32-person group calls, and emoji reactions, as well as management tools and moderation controls, among other things.

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