WhatsApp begins to provide the most requested function in the messaging application

To all users of the stable version of messaging app The world’s most popular multi-device support is coming. It is, in fact, one of the biggest changes in the functioning of the WhatsApp in recent years, increasing the versatility of this instant communication platform owned by the Facebook group.

As we revealed on a previous occasion in 4gnews, WhatsApp had already made this new function available in its trial version (beta version). Now, however, it is available via the latest stable version for Android on the Google Play Store, as well as for iOS via the Apple App Store.

Support for multiple devices finally comes to WhatsApp for Android and iOS

It is easier to use WhatsApp on your computer and mobile devices.

The same user account, multiple devices, be it the Android and / or iOS smartphone, as well as the computer. This is the promise and the practical workings of the function. multi device or multi-device available from this Thursday (September 16).

From now on, stable version users can also join the program to make this feature available. Its distribution, it is observed, is carried out gradually by the platform itself.

In practice, each user can log into up to 4 devices (maximum), not including the main device, for example a smartphone.

This increases the versatility of using this instant messaging and communications platform by not having to log in every time we pick up a new device.

So, just log in for the first time, do the necessary settings on the other four smartphones, tablets, or computers we want to use, and that’s it.

Up to four additional devices and the main device

As the publication progresses WABetaInfo, this possibility came first to Android. However, it is also being distributed for iOS, so it will be available to Apple iPhone users gradually and in phases.

We remind you that this function was officially announced by WhatsApp last July. However, it was already in the beta testing phase for a few months and is finally starting to hit the stable channel. So, keep your devices and apps up to date so that you can take advantage of this convenient feature.

It’s no exaggeration to say that this is one of the most requested features for the messaging app in recent times. The mere convenience of having up to five devices (including the main one) with a registered WhatsApp account is undeniable.

Greater versatility and utility for the messaging application.

The multi-device feature now available for iOS

However, keep in mind that WhatsApp will force users to update the application to take advantage of this feature, but only on a later occasion. By then, you’ll start to see the new feature being introduced when you reopen the messaging app.

Finally, this will also allow you to use WhatsApp Web without necessarily having a smartphone or other mobile device, the main one where you registered the account, connected to the Internet at all times. The same goes for the iPad, for example.

On a last note, the user must open the messaging application, access the options menu (three dots) and access the Connected Devices menu. You can then manage them and start adding other authorized teams.

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