Home World WhatsApp allows you to make purchases on your own platform

WhatsApp allows you to make purchases on your own platform

WhatsApp allows you to make purchases on your own platform

WhatsApp has decided to enter the world of eCommerce by introducing a new function: allowing users to buy through its platform. Your goal is empower and improve business using e-commerce.

“The new functionality comes in response to the growing popularity of using chat rooms to make purchases. It is a simpler buying and selling process ”, declares the company.

How ordering?

This new business model is very simple. To be able to make a purchase, you will only have to have the phone number of the restaurant or store where you want to buy stored on your mobile device. Then, you will have to get into their chat, just like if you were talking to someone else. The only difference is that, when you enter the seller’s chat, right at the top of the screen, next to the name, a symbol of a shopping cart. If you click, you can see the store catalog, select the products you want and then send the order to the company by sending a single message. And you would have the order ready.

In addition, before placing the order, you can see the basket with all the products you have added, where you can include more or delete some. The idea of ​​creating this new tool has been because users want make your purchases easier and easier, And what better than through WhatsApp?

Whatsapp faces the holiday season

The main reason why WhatsApp has decided to create this new function has been because of the arrival of the season of the Black Friday and Christmas campaign. Users prefer to place orders in a fast and agile way, where they do not have to take a long time, therefore, this will increase the number of users on the platform and also make them happy when making their purchases.

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