Canberra: Labor leader Anthony Albanese has claimed victory in the general election after conceding defeat to Prime Minister Scott Morrison, becoming the country’s 31st prime minister.

The 31st Prime Minister of Australia Anthony Albanese will be the first Australian Prime Minister of non-Anglo-Celtic descent. According to partial results, the Labor Party has so far won 72 seats, four less than the majority in the 151-member lower house of parliament. Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted congratulations to Anthony Albanese.

Labor leader Anthony Albanese has led his party to victory in Australia’s general election after nearly 10 years in opposition.

Talking to reporters yesterday, he said, “I want to unite the country. I think there is a lot of confusion among the people but now they want to be united as one nation and I intend to lead it.” Keep

Labor’s Anthony Albanese comes from a non-Anglo-Celtic background. It is a feat they hope will send a message to multicultural Australia that you can achieve anything in this country.

Addressing party loyalists at the Canterbury-Harleston RSL on Saturday night, the Labor leader made a heartfelt pledge and began his confession. “We wholeheartedly accept the Alorro statement,” he said.

Because we should all be proud to be part of the world’s oldest surviving culture in our great multicultural society. “

With tears in his eyes, Mr Albanese said the Australian people had voted for change. I am delighted with this victory and proud to have the opportunity to serve as the 31st Prime Minister of Australia.